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Comments about Jonathan and Timothy Crowther by William Thoresby in his book " A narrative of Gods Love written in 1801".

I made all speed to Plymouth-Dock, and through the goodness of my God, I got there safe and in good health. I found a large society and good congregations; and the people received me with much love and affection. I spent a very comfortable and happy year amongst them; the congregations were much enlarged, and the societies greatly encreased [increased] before the end of the year. All glory to God who did the work -- He is worthy to be praised, and had in everlasting remembrance by all the creatures he hath made. Mr. Horner is a peaceable, good man, and likewise Mr. Kelk; we spent a comfortable year together. Many persons in the circuit were remarkably kind to me, I shall not soon forget their work of faith and labour of love; the Lord reward them in /22/ time, and to all eternity. There are three things that I would not omit, viz. (1.) A person in Plymouth dreamt, before I went into the circuit, that she was in the midst of famine, and a young man in black went up to her and said, You are in the midst of want follow me and I will lead you into the midst of plenty, she did so, and he led me to the top of a hill, that was in the midst of a field of fine standing wheat. The said person came to hear me while in Plymouth circuit, (I think it was the second time I preached) and when she saw me in the pulpit, her mind was affected, being assured that I was the person that conducted her the year before, according to her dream, to the field of wheat. Under the preaching of the word she was convinced of the famishing state of her soul, and through the blessing of God, she began to hunger for that bread that endureth unto eternal life. The Lord, not long after this fed her soul with the finest of the wheat, with peace and joy in believing. (2.) I changed for a month with Mr. Jonathan Crowther; he came to Plymouth-Dock, and I went to Penzance; and while near the Land's end, a man dreamt that he was on a high precipice, and in danger of falling and perishing for ever: while in that perilous situation, he thought that he saw a number of persons assemble together at some distance from him, and a man got up amongst them to preach; he heard him take his text, and likewise preach; he was much affected, and awoke. In the latter end of the week he came to hear preaching, and no sooner had he got into the Chapel, and fixt his eyes on the Preacher, than his heart began to beat like the pendulum of a clock, I was the man he saw in the beginning of the week in his dream, and likewise I took /23/ the same text he dreamt of; under the sermon the Lord healed his soul, brought him into the liberty of his children, set his feet upon the rock of Israel, and put a song into his mouth of praise and thanksgiving. How wonderful are the ways of Providence! But the Lord doeth whatsoever pleaseth him. (3.) In the course of the last year, I was thrown off my horse three or four times, but received no hurt. Surely the very hairs of our head are all numbered, and he gives his angels charge over us; glory be given to his holy name for evermore. At the Conference, I was appointed to labour in St. Austel circuit, with Mr. Timothy Crowther, Mr. Byron, and Mr. Robert Smith. I parted with my friends in Plymouth-Dock circuit with great reluctance; we had a melting, softening time at our parting.
But, We part in body not in mind,
Our minds continue one;
And each to each in Jesus join'd;
We heart in heart go on.

I set off for St. Austel circuit, in Cornwall. We had to travel from one side of the country to the other, which made the labour very hard. I have had a wet top coat for a fortnight together, by reason of the rain being heavy and long. I endured great hardships, but the Lord helped and strengthened me in a wonderful manner. The people all round the circuit were exceeding kind and they endeavoured to make the labour sweet and as easy as possible by their kind behaviour and tenderness. I was much united to many of them and I trust to meet them on Zion's hill, where we /24/ shall enjoy eternal pleasure; for in God's presence is fulness of joy, and at his right hand there are pleasures for evermore. Mr. Crowther was a humble, good-natured, affectionate man of God; Mr. Byron an open-hearted and sincere friend, and kind brother; and Mr. Smith a loving and promising Preacher. I spent a peaceable year with them, and I hope to spend an eternity with them around God's throne. We took into the circuit two or three new places, and we had an increase; the Lord prospered our labours. Two things I have reason to be thankful for: (1.) Having a fall from my horse, but received no harm, the Lord preserved me as in the hollow of his hand. And, (2.) The death of my dear father, he died happy in God, which causes me to rejoice on his account; for, when I began to seek the salvation of the Lord, he and my dear mother were enemies of, and strangers to the truth of the gospel. My mother died more than twelve years ago, and she died in the true faith; the last words she spoke (after taking an affectionate farewell of my father and two brothers, and two sisters, and some neighbours present) were, Glory be to God for ever.

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