Family Histories
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The histories of the various families have been developed over a period of sixteen years. What is shown here is representative of what is known about each family. Some surnames are missing or are somewhat sparse in the material shown. This is simply because either the material is not available or has not been researched, as of this time.

 Donna Fredenburg Archer, now deceased, did almost all the work on the Shunick family. A large amount of material in the form of obituaries and newspaper articles can be found in the "Genealogies" section of this site for the Shunick family.

The Crowther letters are interesting for the insight they give into life in the early 1800's. The letters were written between 1789 and 1823. Most of the letters were written by a father to a son of the same name. During this period the father was a Methodist circuit riding preacher and eventually served as President of the Methodist Wesleyan Conference for all of England and later for Ireland. His son was apprenticed to a printer at the book store of the Methodist Church in London. He later worked as a journalist for the London Times in the Birmingham district. It is assumed he kept the letters he received and we can read these almost two hundred years later. These letters, and a few others, were turned over to the University Library at Manchester in England and reside in the archives pertaining to the Methodist Church.