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William Makinson of Bolton Lancashire

There is some evidence to suggest that William Makinson may be a brother or cousin  to my 3rd great grandfather, John Makinson Senior, of Blackburn. A family tree developed in 1952 by a genealogist in England, claims to show that John Makinson,  of Manchester and  a Attorney at Law, is a son of this William Makinson. This is not true for a number of reasons; (1) John lists his birth as in Blackburn in the 1861 and 1871 census. (2) His brother, Thomas, also an Attorney, names him as his executor to his will in 1822 just before he died in Jan 1823. In this same will he mentions his father John of Blackburn and his brother John as an Attorney and also another Brother, Joseph, also an Attorney. (3) John's father, also named John, mentions him in his will which was written in 1823 and this father later died that same year. He named his son John, an  Attorney at Manchester, as one of his Executors.

The evidence suggests that the children of William and Hannah Mason were closely associated with John and Mary Makinson and their family in Manchester during the early to late 1800's. One of William's sons lived on an adjoining next street from John and Mary Makinson, in a fashionable part of town. His name was William, like his father, and he was a schoolmaster. William, had a daughter named Sarah, who married a young man named Edward Boothroyd on Apr 8th 1852 in Manchester Cathedral, where most of the Makinson families attended church. In John Makinson's grave plot in Cheetham Hill Wesleyan Cemetery, in grave 3821, there lies Sarah Boothroyd buried on Aug 10th, 1852, having died of consumption. I believe that John Makinson let his "possible cousin", William bury his daughter in his cemetery plot. At that time, there was only one grave in the plot. John had buried a baby daughter, Mary, in 1839, when the child was two weeks old.

In the old letter sent to my grandfather, Leroy Albert Makinson, in 1895 by Joseph Makinson, son of James Makinson of Blackburn, there are references to the Makinson's of Manchester and of the three sons of John and Mary Makinson  who are listed in the letter. The  parents of these three children having died 20 about years earlier. The writer also talks about his grandfather, who mortgaged the family fortunes and left for Australia about 1862 and returning in 1876, just before he died. We don't know the name of his grandfather, but we suspicion it to be James, another brother of my 2nd great grandfather.

Another puzzling part of the story is why did Charles Makinson, a son of John and Mary Makinson, of Manchester decide to go Australia in 1857, just after finishing Law School? He stayed for seven years, marrying the daughter of a local magistrate, and practicing law, before returning to Manchester in 1864. You will find this mentioned in Charles's obituary of 1895.

I think the reason that "Uncle James, and his Nephew Charles" went to Australia was from the letters and stories from Thomas Cooper Makinson, a grandson of William and Hannah, and a son of Joseph Makinson (William's son), and his wife Sarah Cooper. Joseph and his family also lived in Manchester at this time. Thomas became a priest for the Church of England and was sent to Australia in 1839 by the Church board. He returned in 1854 and then turned around and went back to Australia in 1855 and died there in 1893. In a book by J.A. Venn titled "Alumni Cantabrigiensis", the following is recorded:

THOMAS COOPER MAKINSON-admitted sizar at St. John's July 8,1831, son of Joseph, commission merchant, of Manchester, School, Manchester Grammar matriculated Michelmas 1831; B.A 1835. Ordained deacon (Chester) Aug 16,1835; priest, July 17,1836 Church of St Anne's, Manchester. Went to Sydney Australia, on the recommendation of the S.P.G.;1839 appointed to the charge of the Church at Mulgoa. N.S.W. Seceded to the Church of Rome. Came back in very straitened circumstances in 1854, and supported his family by tuition, residing a Leige Belgium. Returned to Australia in 1855 and was appointed Secretary to the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, which post he held until 1874.









Birth and death unknown.

Married Hannah Mason at Bolton 24 Oct 1781, she was living in 1799

Alexander a son

Baptized 25 August 1782

Baptized. at Bolton, lived at 1 Grosvenor St Piccadilly Manchester in 1817.

Joseph a son

Baptized 18 Jul 1784 ,at Bolton died 11 Mar 1855 @ Broughton Grove age 70

Was living at 90 Deansgate Manchester in 1820, Woodland Terrace Broughton 1825-1838, 38 Mosely St Manchester 1841, at Broughton Grove in 1851. Will dated 11 May 1853, proved July 1855 at Chester. Married Sarah Cooper 10 th Mar 1808 at Manchester St John's Church. They had four children, Thomas Cooper, Hannah Maria, Alexander Woodlanes, and Elizabeth.

William- son

Baptized. 26 Nov 1785 at Bolton, died 16,Feb 1852 @ Lime Place Broughton.

Teacher and school master married to Alice Hankinson 14 May 1820 at Manchester, she was born at Pendleton. She died 29 Mar 1858. Administrator of Will granted to her son Edward William Makinson. They had six children, Edward, Hannah, Sarah, John, Elizabeth, Mary. Sarah is the one who married Edward Boothroyd, and is buried in John Makinson's grave.

Elizabeth- a daughter

Baptized 3, Oct 1790 at Bolton, died 29 Jan 1866 at Cliffton Lancashire.

Married 3rd Nov 1814 at St John's Manchester to Absalom Watkin of Rose Hill Northenden, Chester. Mother of Baron Sir Edward Watkin.

Thomas Cooper Grandson of William Makinson

Born 1809-10 at Manchester, died 7 Nov. 1893 in Australia

Married Sarah Ann Soulby of Manchester, daughter of Henry Soulby, a Manchester merchant, 26 Aug. 1837 at St. Johnís Manchester


A facsimile of the family tree was provided by  Mr. John Crowther Makinson, a 3rd great  grandson of John Makinson of Blackburn. John is a 2nd great grandson of John and Mary Crowther of Manchester, through their son Joseph, a magistrate of Salford for many years. John lives in England.

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