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Welcome to this site. If you are a Makinson or related to a Makinson, then it may be possible for each of us to learn more about our ancestors?    


Then ..............................................and now


Oh my, how time goes by!

Why is it that most of us wait until most or all of our parents and grandparents are gone before we want to know something about our ancestors; where we came from, what kind of people were they, and all the other questions that enter our mind about them? 

This site represents my journey into the past to find some answers about my family. Please contact me if you have or need information about these families. Maybe you have something that will add to my knowledge, or I can possibly help you with your family? There is more information available to those who desire it and wish to contact me.

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You may contact me at this email address : In Alabama

This web site was originally  installed August 1, 2000

       Lee-Collage-for-web.jpg (186159 bytes)

       The above collage represents the years 1948-1952 for the author. Click photo to see enlarged picture.